Elk Hunting

Savery Creek Outfitters offers some of the best elk hunting available in Wyoming. Our primary hunting acreage, located in the draws and mountain timbers that rise up from Savery Creek, hosts an exceptionally large number of both residential and migratory elk herds each year.  Due to the large number of animals, expansive hunting area, and numerous water and food sources, this hunt promises not to disappoint.

First time hunters and experienced hunters alike will surely enjoy the access to numerous herds of elk that call our ranches home during the fall season. This fully guided hunt is run from our main lodge up the Savery Creek Valley. It includes many amenities that help ensure you have a memorable and heart racing elk hunting experience.









Whether you are hunting archery elk during the rut or rifle elk later in the season you can expect to see numerous elk daily. Over the past years we have had great success, offering 100% opportunity and 95% hunt success each year.

To find out more details about how to make this year your best elk hunt ever please give us a call. As you know there is nothing like being 15 yards from a screaming bull on opening day or feeling the ground shake and timbers crack as a herd is headed into your Guides' calls.


Rifle season starts in mid October. The primary method of rifle elk hunting is done using a spot and stalk approach with 4x4 vehicles to transport you from the lodge to your primary hunting destination. As the elk come down from higher elevations during this season they funnel through our ranches. Our low pressure hunting style helps keep our area as a sanctuary for these migratory herds.


The majority of the archery hunts are run during the last half of September, during the peak of the rut. In past years this hunt has proven to be exhilarating from the start with many elk and multiple bulls seen daily. Our thick timber patches allow enough cover for spot and stalk type hunting but include open areas and clear lanes perfect to get your target in your sites. Tree stands and ground blinds are also used to increase the success of each hunter and fit you particular hunting style and goal.

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