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Archery & Rifle

New Zealand is traditionally a high fence, tier priced climate for hunting big game.  In 2008 Savery Creek Outfitters teamed up with Kaweka Hunting in New Zealand to establish a ranch that could provide quality animals in an environment that allowed a hunter to hunt for the largest animal that he or she could successfully obtain without having to worry if their score was within a monetary budget.  At Kaweka Hunting we have two types of game hunting options.  Option one is more traditional where hunters can choose the gold, silver, or other stag quality they are seeking and hunt a property that is geared to this specific trophy acquisition.  The second option, our favorite and most popular, the hunter can choose to hunt big game without a trophy fee.  During their 5 day hunt the hunter is able to hunt any trophy size of their chosen species.  Our game on this alternate property range up to gold medal quality but there is no trophy fee associated with the status of the animal.  The stags on this property are more of a residential heard and have grown with the property.  This hunt has been a huge success because a hunter is able to pay a set price and does not feel the need to turn away a  particular animal that they have successfully in stalked due to its size being above pocket book range.  This property has produced many high silver and gold metal quality stags over the years and has also produced many happy clients!  

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